View onto the Tsar’s Prayer Place (the Monomach’s Throne) and the south wall iconostasisThe icons along southern and northern walls are placed in iconostases executed from gilded embossed brass. The Assumption Cathedral warden M.A. Morozov endowed those iconostases.The firm of I.P. Khlebnikov remade them during large-scale restoration works in the cathedral in 1913-1914. They replaced carved wooden iconostases that had been housed there since 1854. The eastern part of the south wall iconostasis and the showcases display the most ancient icons originating from old art centres of Old Russian lands, viz. Novgorod and Vladimir-Suzdal. They were gathered in the Assumption Cathedral in the 15th-16th centuries as the most venerated relics. Central and western parts of the iconostasis mainly present icons specially painted for the Assumption Cathedral.