View onto the north wall iconostasis

The north wall iconostasis contains both original icons of the Assumption Cathedral and icons brought from the Solovetsky Monastery in 1923 after its closure. The Mother of God of Bogolyubovo with the Lives of St Zosima and St Sabbatius of Solovki and the It is Truly Meet icons are notable for their remarkable artistic merit. The first one was painted in 1545 by commission of Philip II (Kolychev) – father superior of the cloister at that time. One can still notice the style of Dionysius’s epoch. The four-part icon It is Truly Meet was painted in the 16th century and illustrates chant the praises of the Theotokos. The 16th century icon The Descent into Hell featuring scenes of the agony is placed next to it. There are several small icons from the Solovetsky Monastery in the showcases at the north wall. The Saviour of the Unsleeping Eye image of the mid 16th century is distinguished by its refined painting, soft and exquisite colour scheme.