The Forefathers' tier — the upper one and the fifth from the bottom was included into the composition of the iconostasis only in the 16th century. It presents the Old Testament history of mankind, beginning with the creation of the world and the first man, Adam, up to the origin of Jacob’s tribe, earthly ancestors of Christ. The figures of the forefathers are painted on huge keel-shaped icons full length holding scrolls in their hands. There is a composition The Paternity in the middle of this tier. It is a particular type of illustration of the Holy Trinity, presenting the Lord of Sabaoth (in the image of the Elderly Christ — the Deity) holding Christ-Immanuel on his lap, and the Holy Spirit in the image of a pigeon above the Child's head. The composition is based on the texts of prophecies by Daniel and Ezekiel and illustrates the basic Christian dogma about the consubstantial triunity of God, corresponding to evangelic text — 'I and the Father are one'.

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